Dr. Kavetha Sun


Dr. Kavetha Sun

Hi, friend.

I’m Dr. Kavetha Sun, M.D.

If you want to cultivate lasting inner peace, meaningful connections, and a legacy you’re proud of, you’re in the right place.

Here’s a little about me. If you resonate with my approach, please get in touch—I’d love to hear your story!



Only 40% of couples therapy is successful. That is simply unacceptable. After digging into many modalities, I learned what works—and created a new, holistic solution.


It’s possible to heal your relationships permanently when you go beneath the surface, unburden yourself of painful memories, and build trust and connection from that new space.


I’ll show up as my honest, no-bullshit self. We embrace the real, from tears to laughter. Plus, I won’t ask you to do any work that I have not committed to doing myself.


It’s essential to understand another person’s experience. I prioritize holding space for a person’s intense emotions in a sacred way—one-on-one and in a group setting.

My Story

I’m passionate about sharing science-backed tools to heal your relationships from the inside out.

Hundreds of women have used my free and paid tools. In this community, they’ve overcome some of their deepest conflicts and moved toward a life of connection and freedom.

I have a smattering of relevant credentials and qualifications:


M.D. (Hons) – Coimbatore Medical College, India


Top student in Psychiatry during medical school


Residency in Adult Psychiatry – University of Connecticut


Fellowship in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry – Harvard University


Farley Award for Academic excellence – Harvard University


Trained in the top Couples therapy techniques in the world– Gottman’s model AND Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT)


Trained in Trauma Focused CBT, DBT, EMDR, and Family therapy

But more importantly, I know what you’re going through.

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I was raised by parents who loved me but didn't have the tools for their own healing. So I grew up watching them argue and give each other the silent treatment...and it all culminated in my mother's suicide when I was 18.

This sparked my interest in mental health. After medical school and residency, I went to Harvard to train in Psychiatry.

My life looked successful on the outside. I was making lots of money and working prestigious jobs.

But, despite years of therapy and the best training in the world, I was overwhelmed and unhappy.

My relationships were a mess.

They started well, but we eventually fell into the same old arguments—over issues that felt unresolvable.

At a certain point, after three tumultuous breakups and a divorce, I wondered:

“Is there another way?”

So I researched and applied countless modalities from eastern and western medicine. As I refined my approach (with a ton of trial and error!) I slowly began to piece together what worked.

I started to understand my inner world. I learned to stay calm and compassionate—to myself and others. By forming an unshakeable core, I experienced a newfound joy and freedom.

My foundation was me.

And soon after that inner shift, I met the woman who became my best friend, soul mate, partner in crime, and now, my wife!

Over the last few years, we have created the rock-solid love that I once thought was possible only in my dreams.

Do we argue and disagree on things sometimes? You bet we do. That’s part of any adult relationship! But we stay loving and connected through it all. Our home is filled with laughter and goofy antics. We know each other’s dreams and secret desires and make time to enjoy intentional intimacy in and out of the bedroom. We make each other’s happiness a priority, even in the mundane moments of life.

Together, we are parents to a wonderful daughter and love to do fun and meaningful activities as a family. At night, we’ll have dance parties. In the morning, we wake up, snuggle, and read books in bed. Every day, we share our highs and lows over dinner and tell each other how we broke out of our comfort zone that day.

It’s my mission to help others experience the same life-changing shifts.

If you’re ready to develop deeply satisfying relationships and create a legacy you’re proud of, I’d love to meet you.

Dr. Kavetha Sun

I believe there’s a way

for you to heal your most turbulent relationships and:


Be your own source of lasting inner peace.


Cultivate meaningful relationships.


Create a beautiful legacy you’re proud to pass on to your children.

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