Heal Your Relationships (HYR)

Dr. Kavetha Sun

Create an unshakeable foundation—and cultivate inner peace, meaningful relationships, and a legacy you’re proud to pass on.

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“What happened to our relationship?”

You may feel alone and isolated. Like you and your partner are strangers…or just co-workers managing a list of household tasks.

You might be living in a perpetual state of tension, with angry fights and constant frustration.

Maybe you’ve hit rock bottom.

Perhaps things aren’t there yet, but you know you’ll slowly suffocate if everything stays the same.

You’re not the only one.

You’re not alone in your feelings of relational hurt, anger, loneliness, or exhaustion.

Many successful women struggle in these key areas (and not just in romantic relationships).

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React in ways you don’t like.


Fall into the same destructive patterns with your partner—over and over.


Get easily triggered or angry at the people you love.


Operate from a place of constant anxiety and stress.

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Feel alone or helpless.


End up in a constant place of disappointment or abandonment.


Feel like you’re losing yourself in your relationships.


Help others (constantly!) but disconnect from your own needs.

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Experience chaos in the family.


Get into arguments about money, chores, extended family etc.


Have drastically different expectations around sex and intimacy.


Fight about parenting—your styles are a night and day difference.

“All peace and joy come from within…”

You may have heard this saying and wondered: How the hell do I get there?

For smart go-getters, this can be the most frustrating part: you know how to get shit done. And yet…

Why is this relationship so hard?

It’s not like you haven’t tried things (everything, really).

Dragging your spouse to couples therapy. Poring over Gottman books. Venting to your best friend.

But what if there were a better, lasting way to heal your relationship?

What if you could cultivate relationships that can stand the stressors of everyday life?

What if you could be calm in any storm, no matter what happens?

Friend, I understand what you’re going through because this was my story.

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Dr. Kavetha Sun

Hi, I’m Dr. Kavetha Sun, M.D.

Double-board certified physician | Harvard-trained psychologist

I was raised by parents who loved me but didn’t have the tools for their own healing. So I grew up watching them argue and give each other the silent treatment…and it all culminated in my mother’s suicide when I was 18.

This sparked my interest in mental health. After medical school and residency, I went to Harvard to train deeper in Psychiatry.

My life looked successful on the outside. I was making lots of money and working prestigious jobs.

But despite years of therapy and the best training in the world, my relationships were a mess.

After four tumultuous breakups and a divorce, I was desperate for something that worked.

So I dug deep into countless modalities from eastern and western medicine. As I refined my new approach, I started to understand my inner world.

By forming an unshakeable core, I experienced a newfound joy and freedom.

My foundation was me.

And soon after that inner shift, I met the woman who became my best friend and wife. Together, we’ve created the rock-solid love that I once thought was impossible.

After I incorporated my new approach in my practice, my waitlist grew.

To reach more people, I put everything I learned into this program, Heal Your Relationships.

Since then, hundreds of women have used these tools to heal their relationships from the inside out.


“Though things aren’t perfect, am happier now than I have been in years.

I started at rock bottom, facing imminent divorce. I thought Kavetha was nuts at first. I didn’t understand how changing me would fix my failed relationship. Nevertheless, I got started, mainly out of desperation. I can say now that my life has improved in all areas. Though things aren’t perfect, am happier now than I have been in years.”

“I’m wondering why I didn’t do this sooner.

I wondered if I would be able to do the work but also knew that it was time I changed something in my life/relationships before they were irreparably damaged. It’s just like planning a family, “There is no good or perfect time”! In fact, half the time, I’m wondering why I didn’t do this sooner.”

“It has helped me to have such a different relationship with myself as I navigate finding a true partner.

I did HYR as a single person, following a toxic marriage and another unsuccessful relationship. I couldn’t exactly explain it at the time, but I felt called to do it. I had no idea how much it would help me with my relationship with my own mother, and it has also helped me to have such a different relationship with myself as I navigate finding a true partner.”

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What I learned:

The Secret to Relational Mastery

When it comes to communication, it’s just too easy to cling to familiar patterns, like…


Walking on eggshells.


The couples therapy session where we subtly (or not so subtly) blame the other.


The “I statements” that go nowhere.


A last-minute date night or a fancy vacation.

There’s a reason these approaches don’t work.

When we follow our typical patterns, no one is the emotional leader.

Instead, there are two individuals with little self-awareness or emotional regulation, trying to persuade each other to change.

But what if there were a way to transform your relationship by occupying a new, different space?

What if YOU are the foundation to every single thing you create in your life?

Your marriage. Parenting. Friendships. Work relationships…all of it.

I know. I haven’t met your partner or your exes. They may be (extremely) difficult.

And it’s true: you can’t control them.

However, I discovered that you greatly influence others (without even trying!) once your foundation becomes unshakeable.

You’ll begin to understand your inner world. You’ll stay compassionate—to yourself and others.

When you become an emotional leader, you can create a situation where both parties can come to a resolution.

This is why people often come to us with marriage problems but leave with every relationship in a better place.

Because we help people become calm, confident, and courageous from the inside out.

Introducing HYR

Evidence-based tools, training, and community to build an unshakeable foundation and rock-solid relationships


Be calm and in control—no matter how other people act.


Form secure, connected, fulfilling relationships.


Create a ripple effect that lasts generations.

What You Get

HYR is an 8-week program with tools, coaching, and community that help you be the change you want to see.

HYR™ Framework and Tools

This isn’t just another course. It’s a game-changing, immersive learning experience where you learn to form an unshakeable core—which has a lasting impact on everything in your life.

Weekly live group coaching calls with our certified coaches

Every week you will get a 60-90 minute call with our HYR certified coaches with Q&A’s, hot seat coaching, and role-playing so that we can take the tools from our heads to our hearts and hands.

Weekly private coaching calls with our expert coaches

Every month you will get a 30-minute call with one of our expert coaches to help you customize each tool to your life.

A community of women who have each other’s back

Anything worth doing is accomplished with others. When we isolate and hide, we compound our suffering. This community is a sacred sisterhood that will deepen your healing in ways words cannot describe.

What We Cover

01) INNER Mastery

Build an unshakeable core.

02) INTER Mastery

Learn how to resolve any conflict under the sun.

03) OUTER Mastery

Restore connection, even if you’re the busiest family on the block.

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HYR is for you if:


Your family and legacy are top priorities in your life.


You want to permanently heal your relationships from the inside out. No more band-aids.


You care about passing on a better legacy to your children than the one you inherited.

See What People Are Saying

Apply To HYR Today

Fill out a short application form and book a call with an HYR Program consultant. During the call, we’ll get to know each other to see if HYR is the right fit for you.


Why is the program 8 weeks long?

Healing relationships takes intention, community, and practice. Inside HYR, we spend several weeks on each component.

Weeks 1-3: Build your unshakeable core.
Weeks 4-5: Learn how to resolve any conflict under the sun.
Weeks 6-8: Restore connection, even if you’re the busiest family on the block.

How will I make the time for it?

Listen, I can sit here and tell you, “It will only take x minutes a day…” and so on. The truth is, you will make time for it if you want to. We make time for things that matter to us. And when you begin to feel the effects of the work—the lightness, the ease, the clarity, no more rumination, and repeating the same old patterns—it will save you so much time. You will start looking for a new hobby to fill the time! I promise you. Time is relative. If you make time for relational healing, you get back years of wasted energy.

Will this work if my partner is not involved?

Forming an unshakeable foundation starts with you. When you change your steps in the dance, it’s a different dance. In fact, this is better than couples work, because instead of spending weeks on blame and persuading the other to change, we show you how to take full control of your world.

Is this program only for people in a romantic relationship?

This program is for anyone who has any relationships. Whether you have 100 people in your life or 3… if those relationships matter, if your own life and legacy matter, then this program is for you.

Is this therapy?

This is a combination of therapy and coaching. It takes the best of both worlds because I truly believe that you need both paradigms to heal and thrive.

Will my insurance cover this?

Insurance does not cover this. It should.

Can I get CME credits for doing this course?

Yes, we have 20 APA Category 1 CME credits available through CMEfy.

What if I’m uncomfortable sharing in a group setting?

Healing cannot happen in isolation. You can share as much or as little as you want in the group setting. But just being in the community gives you a 10-fold increase in your understanding of yourself and what is possible. You will also have weekly private 1:1 calls.

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So let’s recap: Here’s What You Get With HYR


The HYR™ Framework and Tools ($7000 value)


Weekly live group coaching calls with our expert HYR Coaches ($4000 value)


Weekly private coaching call with our expert HYR coaches ($1500 value)


A community of women who have each other's back (priceless!)

Apply To HYR Today

Fill out a short application form and book a call with an HYR Program consultant. During the call, we’ll get to know each other to see if HYR is the right fit for you.